$15 Dollar Tees is now United Tees


$15 Dollar Tees is now United Tees

Thanks to all of our loyal fans & customers, business has been going great, and we have big goals for 2014. We have sold Tees to thousands & thousands of people over the past year, and we are so proud to have people across this great country wearing our tees all year long.

We are announcing that we have decided to break free of the limits of our old name, $15 Dollar Tees! Our basic Tees, Long Sleeve Tees & Tank Tops will remain at the very competitive price of $15 & we still believe that $15 is the perfect price for a purposeful & quality tee. On our online store, Tees (We don't call them T-Shirts) have been our main product along with Tank Tops, Pinnies, & Sweatshirts. These apparel products will remain the core of our business, but we are looking to expand to make a better shopping selection & experience for our customers.

Bring on United Tees. This new name represents the Free American spirit instilled in all of our customers. From the Stylish Southern Belle walking around Campus to the Burger Grilling Father on the 4th of July, everyone wearing United Tees can feel the same positive feeling that being part of this Great Nation provides us. *United Tees: Tees for America* 

United Tees will continue to manufacture & sell all of the same original products for Men & Ladies. We will also be putting out new products over the course of the year like Custom Monogram Embroidery (Visit our Etsy store ), Polos, and many new designs for tees & tanks. We look to compete with every one of the best American Brands from Rowdy Gentleman to Vineyard Vines. We appreciate your loyalty to us and we promise to do anything we can to make sure you have a great customer experience with our twitter & online store. We want our store to be the first place you look when shopping online for new tees.

Please Let us know your thoughts on our store, we value your feedback and are likely to give discount codes for honest reviews.

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We hope to ship you something soon, 

Sean Lowery, United Tees



  • Andi

    Tino you are spot on when talking about value and cfdionence. Remember my quote that I share in my program.. The ValU that U bring to your prospect/client, far exceeds what your service or product will do for them! Chuck Bartlett See you at the next Alliance Think Tank

  • Otubu

    Hey Mark,I just downloaded the pagckae an retested it and it is working for me. If you see all of the menu items but clicking on Generate Custom Items does not do anything my guess is that the command is not set up correctly. Do you see thisin ~/App_Config/commands.config . If that is not there, try adding it and see if that fixes the issue.

  • Patriot

    Keep up the Good Work

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