Most Patriotic American T-Shirt Known to Man.

George Washington. Thomas Jefferson. Benjamin Franklin. The founding fathers were a bright, brave, and fiercely independent group of men who transformed a fledgling colony into the greatest country in human history. Now you can wear a T-shirt worthy of their approval.

By draping yourself in this patriotic statement, you can honor the memory of the founding fathers while celebrating your pride in the United States of America. Quite possibly the most patriotic American T-shirt in the world, this apparel will tell everyone where you stand. But wait, you might say, how does this T-shirt make claim to such a title? United Tees, after all, is filled with shirts that make patriotic statements. What makes this one the champion? The answer lies in the symbolism.

This is important because the founding fathers believed in the power of symbols. They designed the colors of the flag to represent the blood that had been shed in America's name. They approved of the bars that represented the original 13 American colonies. They used stars to represent the states, reminding themselves and their citizens of the cosmic destiny under which the U.S. was born. They honored the incomparable Amerigo Vespucci by retaining the name "America" when titling their independent endeavor. Of course, exploration has remained a vital element of what makes this country great.

Can you claim to be more patriotic than your brother by wearing this T-shirt? Of course not. Patriotism is born in the blood and shown by deeds. It isn't about blind loyalty to whatever politicians happen to be occupying office. It isn't about supporting every war that comes down the pike. It's about understanding what it means to be an American. It's about making the most of the opportunities a free country gives you.

It's about helping those less fortunate and accepting help from those willing to give it. In the end, it's about building a community the founding fathers would have been proud to call their own. Wearing this T-shirt doesn't imbue you with that patriotic spirit, but it may help remind you and others around you that we live in the greatest country on the planet.

A wise man once said that you should be the change you want to see in the world. By wearing the most patriotic T-shirt in the world, you can show everyone that you are proud of your country. From there, your actions will speak volumes about what you believe constitutes a great American.

*2 percent of all sales are donated to Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, Inc. and Fisher House.*

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