America's National Teenager Models United

We were lucky enough to have the 2014 National Miss Teen America model some of our ladies United Tank Tops. Clara Emlen of Vermont took some professional model images in our tanks to be featured across our website on product pages and in the United Tees Hall of Fame.

Clara Modeled our 'United We Stand,' 'Boxy Merica Bow,' 'Keeping it Classy Since 1776,'Boats, bow ties, and Freedom,' and 'Back to Back World Champs' Tank Tops.  The pictures came out great see them below. Who better to model our ladies America Tank Tops than the 2014 Miss Teen America. Clearly Clara Emlen is Wearing, and living, the American Dream.


More about Clara:

Clara Emlen is a student at Endicott College. She is a model for various companies and the current Miss Teen America. She is a National Ambassador for the Boys and Girls Club of America, as well as a national speaker for RAINN, the countries largest anti sexual violence org. She will be auditioning to be a Bruins Ice Girl for the upcoming season.


See Clara get the Crown:

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