The New American Dream & America's chances in the 2014 World Cup.

Once every 4 years, soccer becomes the most popular sport in America. Even though many of us think the game is slow & boring, the World Cup is not your average soccer tournament. The World Cup means an opportunity for the USA to compete against the rest of the countries in the world. It is an excuse to get dressed up in red, white & blue and chant USA until the sun comes up. It is an opportunity to wear American Pride on our sleeves for an entire month. It is the only time when all Americans can unite and root for a common outcome.

What is the New American Dream?

In this great nation, everyone is striving to live the American Dream. This is a phrase widely used throughout the history of our great country. The American Dream symbolizes hard working Americans attaining their own version of success through sacrifice, dedication, and many celebrations along the way. For some, the American Dream means buying a house and starting a family, and for others it means having enough cash in your pocket for a night of drinking with your buddies. But when June 16th comes around, everyone across the United States must unite & focus on achieving the NEW American Dream: Winning the FIFA World Cup. 

Our Limited Edition USA 'The New American Dream' World Cup T-Shirt is for all the Americans who will be cheering loudly for the USA throughout the entire 2014 World Cup.

The United States has never hoisted the World Cup trophy. It is one of the few sports in which our country has not achieved massive success. In the 2014 World Cup hosted by Brazil, team USA will have their hands full. We are in Group G which many believe to be the most talented group in the World Cup…the "Group of Death". We are guaranteed 3 games against Ghana (World Ranking: 37th), Portugal (4th), and Germany (2). All teams play each other in a round robin tournament & the 2 best records advance to the round of 16.

Game 1- Ghana
Monday, June 16th

This game is a must win for team USA if they plan on advancing. In 2010, Ghana eliminated team USA. Jozy Altidore, Michael Bradley and the boys must use this loss as MOTIVATION. Getting REVENGE on Ghana will be the best way to start off the 2014 World Cup. This is our year.

Game 2- Portugal
Sunday, June 22nd

This will be a very challenging game to win against the 'Lebron James of Soccer,' striker Cristiano Ronaldo. With Team USA's back 4 defenders being the weakest part of their roster, Ronaldo will be very hard to control. But with the support of our fans and the team playing with heart & passion, Ronaldo can be stopped. He is only human just like the rest of us. Dating back to the Revolutionary War, America has always succeeded as the underdog. Bring on Portugal!

Game 3- Germany
Thursday, June 26th

Germany is arguably the #1 team in this year's FIFA World Cup. They are talented at every position and don't have many flaws. A win or a tie against Germany could be the deciding factor on whether or not we advance to the Round of 16. USA coach Jurgen Klinsmann will be going up against his home country. Not only was Klinsmann the previous German national team head coach, but he also won a won a World Cup with Germany in 1990. Klinsmann needs to use his knowledge of German soccer to help us finish the preliminary round with a WIN.


So with Team USA's first game approaching, American's around the world must do our duty as fans and support our team through good times and bad. Hopefully when it is all said and done, we will achieve the New American Dream and become the 2014 FIFA World Cup Champions. So order a United Tees World Cup USA T-Shirt, put it on, chant USA, and Let the games begin.


It's time to make 'The New American Dream'
into an American Reality

Sean & Craig Lowery


  • Haley

    When USA wins the world cup I will drench myself in red, white, and blue paint and tie a flag around myself and run through the city. I will dye the river in my city red, white, and blue and line the streets with American flags. I will scream until I have to go to the hospital with no voice. I will kiss each and every male or female I see on the streets and I will let no person in the United States of America not know what we have accomplished.

  • @bundleup97

    Wear the shirt I get for a whole week and make a huge sculpture of the US crest entirely out of butter

  • terry

    I will be celebrating with my wife and young kids who are finally old enough to watch and enjoy the game.

  • Ethan

    I’d walk out side punt a soccer ball shot Gun a beer followed by funneling jack Daniels buy a Chevy scream MERICA feed my pet bald eagle and then fist bump Uncle Sam. Then start a riot in the streets chanting I believe that we just fucking won and then go to fucking Disney world where every champion goes… Than do every thing possible that screams MERICA while in Disney like wearing jorts and cut off tees and dipping some skoal and getting a dale jr tattoo

  • Stuart Hughes

    If the USA wins the World Cup I will get a USMNT tattoo and also storm the streets of Atlanta to celebrate all night

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