Prepared to Go Back to Campus this Fall? Go Back to School with United.

As the FALL 2014 semester quickly approaches, our goal is to have new United brand tees & clothing for you to wear from Fall into Winter. This means Long Sleeve Tees, Long Sleeve Hoodies, Zip Down Hoodies, Tees, Hats & More. As the seasons change and we transition from tank tops to sweatshirts, we will continue to put out new products that represent the American Dream Lifestyle.

Over the past several months we haven’t been able to stop gushing over the glory days of summer. Surprisingly enough we can’t stop thinking about the change of season as we slowly near the middle to end of August. Fall means game-day saturdays, color-changing leaves, halloween frat parties, and a strong sense of excitement. That’s right, school is almost back in session and here at United Tees we are pumped about it.

After all, aren't we over the sunburns, annoying bugs, and the scorching hot temps already? The school semester is almost in full swing and its back to campus you go. Think of all of the exciting possibilities that this year can bring. Yes, back to school mean books, ruthless professors, and late night test cramming. But that’s the ugly price you've got to pay when you’re living with your best friends, waking up at noon, and basically living the best days of your life (or most carefree at least).

Sorry in advance to all of you recent college grads who may be reading this and have since entered the “real world”. We all know you would go back to crashing on couches and eating pizza for breakfast any day of the week if it meant being back in college again. Being back on campus with excitement constantly in the air is a perfect of example of living the American Dream. That's what were all about.

What we’re really excited about with the approaching semester is all of the new inventory we have for you to wear! All summer long we've talked about tanks with shorts and flip flops, but now as we slowly transition to this school year it’s time to talk hoodies, zip ups and baseball caps….aka practically every students’ college uniform.

We are very excited about our upcoming new products to show off to all of you in a few short weeks! We’re excited to launch some of these new products your way. So what are your thoughts on the upcoming school year? Ready to work hard, play harder, and live the American Dream?


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