Merica & America Spirit Jerseys from United Tees

Always authentic, casual and cool, what’s not to love about United Tees’ America Spirit Jerseys?

We all remember that classic scene in the movie Bring it On when the crazy choreographer so enthusiastically screams “These aren’tspirit fingers, THESE are spirit fingers!” Not to sound crazy, but we have just about the same amount of excitement as that choreographer does when it comes to spirit jerseys. Come on, how can you not adore these simple, yet stylish jerseys that you can throw over anything? They have the perfect blend of classic prep and laid-back college kid to call them a winner in our books.

For all of you southern belles out there, we know that you may or may not have your fair share of spirit jerseys in your closet. But the true question is, how many ‘Merica spirit jerseys do you have? That’s what we thought…If your answer is none, we suggest you check out some of United Tees’ most popular products on our site. We also want to mention that these are authentic spiritjerseys, don’t be confused by some of the knock offs out there.

We have three amazing color choices to choose from (mint, coral and white) as well as three more colors coming soon! Whether you’re looking for a classic America spirit jersey or if you’d sooner opt for a jersey that displays ‘Merica in big, bold letters we have you covered. Whatever your style, taste, and overall personality may be, United Tees has the spirit jersey for everyone.

And ladies, if you’re a true southerner at heart, chances are you’ve probably already been sporting these casual statement pieces over the last several months with your favorite pair of denim shorts and your go to pair of Jack Rogers’ sandals. Even so, that doesn’t mean spirit jersey season is over. In fact, it’s only just begun. Trade in those sandals for boots and your shorts with your favorite pair of dark, denim skinnies and Voilà, you’ve got a fresh new way to style spirit jerseys!

So as summer winds down for yet another year, break out your very own America inspired spirit jersey to bundle up on those end-of-summer chilly nights. Buy your authentic United Tees’ America spirit jersey today!

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