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Fall is upon us, and with a new season comes a change of fashion. As the temperatures get a bit “crispier” (as some like to call it) we have the perfect hoodies & long sleeve tees to keep you warm & looking sharp. The SEC & NFL football have officially kicked off their 2014 seasons and we couldn't be more excited about it. . Whether you’re tailgating with friends or watching the game from the comfort of your own home, United Tees has the best fall clothing to wear in any environment with that 'game day' atmosphere.

Fall is such an amazing time of the year. The leaves change, pumpkin spice flavored drinks are everywhere & football games start to take over our weekends. The excitement of game day has the power of bringing anyone’s spirits up. We know that Christmas time has a way of creating a sort of magical aura in the air, but for us here at United Tees, we think that football season brings that same sort of positive “feel good” energy. So in the spirit of this football season, we thought it would only be fitting to introduce our latest United Tees Fall Product Line. Find your new everyday go-to hoodie on the site today! If you’re superstitious at all, perhaps you’ll even find a new good luck charm (hoodie) to wear.

If you’re in need of a super comfy, lightweight zip up that you can wear in any condition, try our latest pick, the United 'American Flag' Full-Zip Hoodie. When we tell you this is comfortable…we mean it! The beauty of this hoodie is that it’s lightweight in nature, so it’s ideal for layering with a jacket, fleece or whatever you might have in mind, depending on the temperature. This zip up sweatshirt is Unisex & comes in sizes XS-XXL. We are confident that this is going to be an all across the board MVP (Most Valuable Product) for everyone this fall.

We’d also like to point out one of our personal, classic favorites, the exclusive, Animal House 'College' Crew Neck  Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is pure classic. it's as simple as that. Whether you LOVE college or are just as obsessed  with Animal House as we are (or both), you can never go wrong by wearing this cozy “ode to a classic” sweatshirt around campus. Everyone who has seen Animal House will love the sweatshirt, and if they haven't seen it, they will at lease know  that you're in college.

*Ladies* One of the items that we know will be on the fast track to “fan favorite” status on the site is our Southern Is A State of Mind' Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve Tee . This cute, casual long sleeve shirt comes in maroon and navy. Maroon being one of the “it” colors for fall, you surely can’t go wrong in this autumn inspired item. We also offer the same design on the back of a durable and high quality long sleeve tee. This 'Southern is a State of Mind' Long Sleeve Tee comes in Pink & Mint. We have another casual, yet sophisticated long sleeve tee that will surely be a classroom or game day staple for all of you Southern Belles, our Ladies 'Classy Bow' Long Sleeve Pocket Tee. This shirt is limited to classy ladies only please! Remember college girls, "Class isn't just something you attend."


*Gentleman* We have some great choices for all of you football lovers out there. We know that fall is the time to show off your love for the true American pastime. Wear this statement-making shirt at all your football gatherings, 'The New National Pastime Long Sleeve Tee.' The back of this tee is a football helmet decorated with the American Flag. Red, white & blue with stars & stripes is the commanding symbol for the best team in the world, the United states of America. We also have the Uncle Sam 'The New National Pastime' Long Sleeve Tee that you can wear during football season. At United Tees’ we’re all about incorporating Uncle Sam into as many of our products as possible. Another Football related design has to do with the Southern State of Mind.' SEC Football is the best college football conference in America, and there is nothing better than being known as 'THE BEST.' Check out our 'Sweet Tea, Land of the Free & the SEC' short sleeve tee. This united tee designs reflects the attitude of saturdays down south. Wear the American Dream this football season, and get used to the fact that FOOTBALL is the New National Pastime. 

Whatever your personal choice of fashion may be, we have your ultimate style guide to cool, casual American clothing.

Give us a shout and let us know what products you are loving in our new fall line this year. We love hearing from you. Keep on living & wearing the American Dream.


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    Cute cases! I have a hot pink silicone case for my iPhone. I bohugt it shortly after getting my phone, and I imagined my hubby would get a black one (black and pink were the only options in that particular store) but I’m actually very happy with it! Very easy to spot haha!

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    Hello,I love your podcasts they have help me get tgruohh learning how to run and maintain it for around a year now. I don’t think I could have done it without them. Thanks so much for your work.Lauren

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    Gotta love this brand!

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    great way to show patriotism. America the beautiful.

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