We are Thankful for our Customers

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Stuffing your face with food & drinks on Thanksgiving is clearly a way to Live the American Dream.

When it comes to holidays, Thanksgiving practically takes the cake (or should we say turkey). A holiday that constitutes spending an entire day with your family and friends, all while eating amazing homemade food? Count us in!

Although we could never deny our love for the magical feeling that December brings, for us, Thanksgiving truly kicks off the holiday season of giving by first taking the time to reflect on everything that we’re thankful for this year. In the early years of this business, we feel like we have accomplished to much and have so much more room to grow! For that, we are very thankful.

United Tees would personally like to write a quick note of gratitude to all of our customers for helping to make United Tees what it is today. We love America and we know you do too! Our goal is to continue to create styles that exuberate the cool, laid back American Dream attitude that we all know and love. Thank YOU for riding along with us on our journey to create the ultimate American Pride Clothing Brand.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Are you excited for your annual family football game, or are you having friendsgiving? Ready to tackle the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes with your or perhaps your Thanksgiving mindset is more in line with whipping up some festive cocktails and/or bringing the wine for you and your family to enjoy? Well, whatever the case may be, make it a good one! The holidays will come and go so quickly so it’s important to take in the moments as they come.

Clearly, another part of Thanksgiving tradition is saving big on Black Friday. We will be having all kinds of sales from Black 'Freedom Friday' to Cyber 'Merica Monday'. In the modern era of 2014, we believe it's a little ridiculous to wake up at 6am to go shopping. Shopping online is the way to go, so instead wake up late, Relax, and shop deals on United-Tees.com all weekend long. We will have all of our most popular products in stock when Black Friday Begins, so Make sure your are subscribed to the United Tees Email List and follow us on social media to get all of our deals. Also ladies, be prepared for deals from United Monograms. Get a piece of American Pride to wear this holiday season, or give as a gift for christmas.

Check out all of our cold weather products like sweatshirts, hoodies & long sleeve tees. You won’t have to leave the house and you’ll have all of your America-crazed family members rejoicing when they open their gifts on christmas, a win/win in our book. And if you can’t pinpoint which products a certain family member may love, we offer gift cards too! Holiday shopping made easy in true United Tees' fashion.

United Tees is about spending quality, family time with those you love. So enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday this year. Ditch the 6am Black Friday shopping and instead take advantage of all of the fun that Shopping in your pajamas while eating leftover turkey sandwiches on your couch can bring. Be safe out there and remember, no matter what the season may bring, always remember to Live the American Dream.


  • Khaled

    Another styling oiotpn for these sexy, stylish, comfy tees wear them as nighties! ShockT was recently invited to participate in a Lingerie Fashion Show featuring our Peek-a-Boo Shoulder Tee. This style, made of the finest USA-made cotton, is the perfect alluring alternative to synthetic, scratchy nightwear, and looks great on its own or with some seductive stockings peeking out from underneath.

  • Mesude

    Hey Joe Runner, My family and I will be trlaeving up from Florida to Louisville for Thanksgiving. We would love to run this 5 miler Thanksgiving morning. Is there a chance you could send me a copy of the registration? Thanks!

  • Adelaide

    Oh yeah, faubuols stuff there you!

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