Exact Replica of Channing Tatum '22 Jump Street' Spring Break 'Suns Out, Guns Out' Tank Top

It's Spring Break in Mexico, you're already 5 beer bongs deep, and the sun is still shining as you head out into the crowd of spring breakers on the beach. As you fight through the crowd of girls in american flag bikinis & over-intense games of beer pong, you see a helicopter explode over the ocean. Two grown men who seem to be holding hands & dressed up like college students fall from the sky, splashing into the ocean...

As two shadows rise from the shallow coast of the mexican ocean, the crowd cheers when they see that that both dudes are unharmed. If you don't know by now, this is the spring break scene from the end of the instant classic hit movie '22 Jump Street' with Channing Tatum & Johan Hill.

There one thing that stands out about this scene, and that is the 'Suns Out, Guns Out' Tank Top that Channing Tatum wears. This Tank Top is becoming legendary and will be a staple of every frat boy's summer tank top collection.

22 Jump Street Channing Tatum Spring BReak Tank Top


Look for this 'Suns Out, Guns Out' Tank Top at every spring break across the world (where american college students are partying) for years and years to come. This Tank Top is an exact Replica of the Spring Break 22 Jump Street 'Suns Out Guns Out' Tank Top worn by Jenko (Channing Tatum). It's the same color, same fit & the blue ink has been scientifically made to be the same color as the tank top from the movie. This Spring Break when the Sun is Out, get your Guns Out in this Spring Break Tank Top for the ages. Live the American Dream on the Beach this Spring Break 2015..



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