Summer of Seersucker

We want this upcoming summer to be the best summer ever. So pack every weekend with plans of Living the American Dream- Go to concerts, take long road trips, have bonfires on the beach until the sun rises. Spend the entire day at the beach, then take that newly acquired tan out on the town at night. Do all this looking cute & stylish in our Seersucker pullovers, shorts, unique pockets, hats & more.
We are proud to introduce our 'Summer of Seersucker' collection.

What's the deal with seersucker?
We feel that seersucker is fitting for our Patriotic & Preppy clothing. We know that girls love the comfort & style of this iconic fabric. Seersucker is a classic American fabric that has been worn for centuries. At one point it was worn by the poor, but in the 1920's the great feel & quality of the seersucker fabric was cause to start using it in fashionable clothing. With Seersucker, pressing is not necessary because the threads cause the fabric to have great circulation, which also makes it light and breathable. Seersucker is often said to have a wrinkled look. Most Importantly, Seersucker is just so cute. It looks great in so many different colors & styles.

Why get my Summer Seersucker from United?
We know there are many other brands selling seersucker clothing, but we believe that our selection is the best. We promise you one thing- nobody has seersucker athletic shorts like us. Here are some of the reasons to buy from United: 

  • Our seersucker shorts have the option for one of our signature Unique Pockets on the back- adding a unique style & value to your shorts. All shorts come with our preppy & patriotic U logo embroidered small on front in a matching color.
  • Without a back pocket- these shorts are a value at $39.95. Adding a unique pocket brings them up to just $44.95.
  • Even with the unique pocket- ours are STILL a better value than these Lauren James seersucker shorts with no pocket.
  • We also have better value on seersucker hats- plus our hat's can have our patriotic & preppy 'U' logo or the American Flag Bow embroidered on the front.
  • Add a preppy & stylish alligator clip hair bow to your order- Our bow selection will match perfectly with each and every color seersucker item that we offer.
  • Icing on the the cake- United Monograms also has a collection of monogrammed seersucker clothing & accessories.

The United 'Summer of Seersucker' collection is full of bows, U logos, unique pockets & more. Shop Seersucker Long Sleeve Pullovers, Quarter Zips, Shorts with Unique Pockets, Hats, accessories, and our signature unique pocket tees, tanks & sweatshirts.
Supplies may be limited- so order while your size & favorite colors are in stock.

Order tonight & kick off the Summer of Seersucker & Living the American Dream

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