Contest Entries: Why Everyone Loves the Month of July!

"Freedom, my brother in law served for 7 years overseas, cold beers and the beach!" -Thomas Young

"July is a month of celebration. A month of celebrating the freedoms we all enjoy in this beautiful country. A month of happiness that stands out against every other momth of the year. It's the month you think of when you think of summer fun. It's the month of barbeques with friends. It's days at the pool and nights around the fire with the ones you love. It's hot days and long nights. It's the month that symbolizes and contains all the things we love most about America. It's the happiest month of the year, and my personal favorite. God Bless America."  -Christian Haley

"So the question asked is why I love July... Well I'll tell you , July to me. Is not just a month that passes by. It's a month that brings joy to me. It's the ice cold beer that fills my belly with passion. It's the rumble of dale jrs race car going through my heart. The sound of my ford bronco climbing up Mount Rushmore to give Abe Lincoln a knuckle touch and shotgun my bush beer in under 30 seconds. There is not one thing I can pinpoint out that I love solely about July because what I love about July is July. I love God sweet tea lacrosse nascar beer and my ford bronco and most of all I love America I'm a proud sailor and a gunners mate in the United States Navy and I hate Isis. So. Mercia god damn that's right ??" -Robert Portman

"My favorite thing about July is the long summer nights and being free to do whatever, whenever. I also love all of the 4th of July and everything being decorated in red, white, and blue!"  -Alyssa Parsons

"My favorite thing about July is how everybody comes together to celebrate this one country we all love and it being so much joy to realize how lucky we all are"
-Sydney Turner

"Besides the typical Independence Day post. My favorite thing about July and specifically this July is I get to spend all my time with my brother who is leaving to basic training soon to be in the United States Marines. ????"
-Paxton Shively

"My favorite thing about July is the 4th, gathered with friends and family celebrating our freedom and wearing my united tees clothing! There is no better feeling than being an American! ??"  -Brody Stevenson

"I was born in July so having a whole month of celebration at overnight summer camp with my best friends in the world is the best part of July. I wouldn't trade the summer camp days for anything in the world." -Reagan Norvell

"My favorite thing about July is the ultimate climax of summer-ness that is evident all throughout the month. Right off the bat, there's Independence Day: a celebration of the best, most purely awesome country in history! There's no better start to a month than fireworks, friends, and freedom. A lot of the month is great purely because of the days spent by the pool or at the beach. A girl like myself will do anything to strut her cute bathing suits, tank tops, and sun-kissed skin. Then, another wonderful thing, is coming home and cutting up a watermelon while listening to country music on the radio. And as good as the days are, the nights are better. My mind is filled with pictures of lighting bugs lighting up mine and my friends' faces as we chase them around a bonfire as we laugh and dance around. July is hot, that's for sure. But all of the heart-warming memories it brings make the sweat worth it." -Jessica Fouse

"July is the whole package. Hot enough to enjoy the outdoors, and provides a great excuse to cool down with an ice cold drink or desert. It's a great time to surround yourself with the people you love and catch a break from "reality". JULY IS GREAT." -Nicole McGlinchy

"Getting to celebrate the best country in the world with the best friends and family in the world, the fourth of July is by far my favorite holiday!"
-Emma Mees

"July is the middle of summer when it's time to take a vacation from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the sun! Sitting lake side with the family and a cold beer is a great way to enjoy July!" -Savannah Hudson

"I love the fact that you can smell FREEDOM in the air. Look around and you'll see more RED WHITE AND BLUE than ever. I love the patriotism and how fired up everyone is to celebrate our freedom!" -Andrea Epperson

 "What's my favorite thing about July? There's not just one answer. First, there's the Fourth of July. The fireworks, beer, friends, sparklers, bonfires and all things American. It's a hot month. where the river days are the best days and cold beers bring you happiness. Where you can show off your favorite United red white and blue clothing. It's the month where late nights are the best nights and all your doing is making memories. July is the best month because of all the stories you're going to tell in August. About the best.month.ever."
-Taylor Shrewsbury

"My favorite part of July is the all around love for America all month. the sports/atmosphere in July is what excites me. for some reason July feels like perfect month for anything??" -Abby coyne

"Mud runs , huge lifted old rusty trucks running though the mud pits. Strangers pulling you out if stuck.Big bon fires afterwards hanging with old friends and making new friends. The memories will last forever!" -Caitlin Tokar

"July is my all time favorite month of the year because it not only holds the best holiday ever (the Fourth) but also, my nephew was born in July. That was the first time I became an aunt and he's my favorite nephew to this day (he's my only one so far...haha). July just holds a lot of special family memories and I love it for so many reasons." -Victoria Lynn Cann

"Getting to celebrate our wonderful country on the Fourth of July while wearing my united tees 'merica bow tank and getting to have a wonderful ending to summer with family and friends!!!!!!"  -Rachel Dall

"July IS Independence Day. With each passing month, the phenomenon of the United States seems to be at greater risk. Remembering our founding and the basis of sovereign individual rights . . . and, Isn't that what United Tees is all about?? -Luke Knowles

"I love July! I absolutely enjoy the 4th of July. I live in the south so July means sweet tea, bbq, and hanging by the pool with friends and family! On top of all of that country music! I love going to the outside concerts in July either on the grass or on the beach! July also means fireworks and fried food for the huge downtown celebration! July is also my birthday month, so I can't help but love it!! :)" -Amanda Garren

"My favorite thing about July is of course, the 4th of July. The fireworks, patriotism, and good times make it the best holiday! Red, white, and blue forever!" -Abigail Barnett

"My favorite thing about the month of July is definitely the 4th of July. Watching fireworks and barbecuing with friends and family while celebrating our independence!" -Vanesa Marquez

"There's quite a few things I love about July. My favorite thing, however, is that I could wear an American flag patterned clothing item every single day and no one could question it because it's the month of America's independence!! Who doesn't love to wear red, white, and blue?! I know I do!"
- Karley Gauthier-Davis

"My favorite thing about July besides Independence Day and it being the middle of summer, is that this is one of the only times I get to see my family through the year except maybe a day or two in December. I'm a student August- June because of summer classes and I also work full time through the year. July is basically my only free month and I love that I finally get to go home and spend some time with my family during it. :)" -Amber Henderson

Congratulations to the Winners of our Contest, Karley Gauthier-Davis & Brody Stevenson!

Answers to the question- 'Why is July the best month of the year?" 

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