Get Your Shine On! 5 Tips to have the most Patriotic Summer Concert Tailgate

5 Tips to have the most Patriotic Summer Concert Tailgate

Nothing is better than a cold beer, warm american sun, and live music with all of your best friends. Summer concerts across America are the best way to let loose and celebrate all that is good in this great Nation. So many country concerts are all about the USA, Patriotism, and being one hell of a proud, probably Drunken, AMERICAN. 

All of our American Tank Tops and Pinnies are perfect for showing your American Pride during those long tailgates that include beer bongs, dizzy bats, and sing-a-longs. Here are 5 Tips to make your tailgate the best and most patriotic concert tailgate of the summer!


5) Bring a Grill. It doesn't get more American than Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and Beer. Have enough food and beer to be the last one at the tailgate before the show.

4) Find a way to have an American Flag waving high at your parking spot. This way you can wander around the tailgate and easily find your way back. Also looking at that American Flag waving in the wind will make you feel great!

3) Don't underestimate how much Beer will be needed. Bring extra so you can share with the random shirtless man walking by in a cowboy hat. Also you dont want to buy any beer inside the concert.

2) Start as many USA Chants as you possibly can. It's not everyday you are surrounded by thousands of drunk Americans. Take Advantage of this opportunity and try to get a USA Chant going with 100+ people.

1) Get Drunk, Get Rowdy, Sing as Loud as you can, Love Your Neighbors, Share your Beer, and GET YOUR SHINE ON!


Florida-Georgia Line say it best with "Get Your Shine On!" We celebrate that simple saying with this Get Your Shine On Tank Top.

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