Men's Outfit Suggestions

'Merica Pinnie and American Flag Swim Trunks Outfit

Merica Pinnie & American Flag Bathing Suit

Nothing better than a day on the water with friends, while reppin' your American pride. Our fan-favorite, the 'Merica pinnie is back for the summer and ready for action! It's a simple message that will let everyone know what you stand for. Really make it clear when you pair it with our American flag print swim trunks and a nice pair of red white and blue sunglasses


American Flag Unique Pocket Tee Outfit


Our American Flag Unique Pockets can really make your outfit Pop with Patriotism! The Vintage American Flag Unique Pocket Tee can really go with anything. When trying for a dressier look, it looks great with a nice pair of muted dress shorts and Sperrys. Throw on your American Flag baseball hat to complement the pocket pattern and your American spirit! This is the Perfect Casual 'Live the American Dream' Outfit for men.


'Back to Back World War Champs' Work-Out Domination Outfit

For those times you have to hit the gym, we have you covered! Our Uncle Sam Back to Back World War Champs tank is sure to get you in the fired up attitude. Paired with a pair of Nikes & gym shorts, you're ready to hit the basketball court, the weights, or anywhere else! Warning: be prepared to be challenged at the gym when you're wearing Uncle Sam flexing his giant American Muscles!


 'Live the American Dream' Long Sleeve Hoodie Outfit

United Tees Long Sleeve Hoody- Live the American Dream

The Live the American Dream hoodie is a staple of the United brand. It comes in a variety of colors, including true red, vintage blue, black & midnight navy. This hoodie is the perfect, comfortable solution for when those hot summer days turn into chillier summer evenings. With a pair of simple khaki shorts and Sperries, you'll look cool and patriotic while staying comfortable and warm! Don't forget your United koozie to hold a cold beer when you're sitting around the bonfire.