'American Dream Starter Pack' Tee
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'American Dream Starter Pack' Tee
American Preppy Tee
'American Dream Starter Pack' Tee
This Preppy All-American Tee consist of 6 items we consider 'The American Dream Starter Pack.'
1) Fishing Rod- Sit Back, take in the sights & catch some fish🎣
2) Freedom- Duh🇺🇸
3) Wingman-Walking a cute little pup is the #1 way to spark up a convo🐶
4) Bonfire- A beach night huddled up with your favorite people🔥
5) Beverages-Keep them cold in a Yeti Cooler for a full day of drinking🍻
6) Boats-Live the American Dream in Nautical Fashion🚤⛵️