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Definite Reasons Why You: 'Browned' out at Tailgate

SO. You faintly remember even attending the actual tailgate. Let's retrace the fuzzy swaying steps that brought you to this dehydrated, Taco Bell craving state.   8:34 AM BEER PONG Oh yeah, it's coming back now. You started off that morning playing a cool five games of beer pong while the pledges set up the tents. You obviously didn't care who won, but you did a damn good job holding teams of several randos.   11:00 AM FLIP CUP   Yup yup. It was you. . . those two other girls who were walking by, and then those four other people you intensely recruited for your team, the "One-Flip Wonders." You requested two foldable tables to be added to the...

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